Intelligent demand: Policy rationale, design and potential benefits

This paper provides the first complete draft for a project that the OECD is undertaking on demand-side innovation policies. The project involved two phases: in the first phase, a short paper was developed on policy rationale, different approaches to intelligent demand as well as some broader considerations. The second phase involved work on policy and programme design, implementation and evaluation, and is more focused on good practices (where and how). The project was supported by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth.

CIIE delegates are invited to discuss the paper, provide comments and agree to its declassification, subject to comments being incorporated.


Innovation, Procurement, Regulation, Standards

Additional information:

AuthorsPilat, Dirk (OECD), Beltramello, Andrea (OECD), Nolan, Alistair (OECD)
Keywords:Innovation, Procurement, Regulation, Standards
Last update:2012