Role of standardisation in support of emerging technologies: A study for the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and the British Standards Institution (BSI)

This study explores some international approaches to the support of standards development for emerging technologies of national importance. In particular, the report investigates the different approaches for standards development within national innovation systems of the United States and Germany. The study pays special attention to the different roles, practices and engagement models of standards development organisations at the earlier stages in the lifetime of a novel technology. In particular, we have tried to highlight those factors which may have implications for standards development "business models".
The report includes both a review of existing analyses from standards development practitioners, policy makers and academics, as well as a number of emerging technology case studies selected to draw out variations in standards development dynamics and practices: regenerative medicine (tissue engineering), smart grid, additive manufacturing and synthetic biology. It is hoped that these analysis will offer practical insights which can inform BIS and BSI¿s strategy, programmes and practices, as well as being of interest to other stakeholders within the UK innovation system.


URL (Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, UK)


Case studies, Emerging technologies, Innovation, Standardisation

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AuthorsO'Sullivan, E. (University of Cambridge), Brévignon-Dodin, L. (University of Cambridge)
Publisher:Institute for Manufacturing, UK
Keywords:Case studies, Emerging technologies, Innovation, Standardisation
Last update:2012