Challenges ahead e-innovation

This article systematically examines the recent efforts made by industry and academia in promoting E-innovation. It finds that industrial initiatives have been hindered by two limitations. One is a lack of an agreeable framework to accommodate the diversity of different usages. The other is a trend toward standardization in E-business applications. The academic efforts have been hindered by the lack of a mechanism to marry the distributed nature of E-innovation with the legacy of a traditional innovation. To overcome the barriers from both supply and demand sides, industrial efforts need to be more focused on figuring out how E-innovation emerges out of interconnectivity, while academic efforts should be more inclusive, so as to incorporate distributed innovation into enterprises' shifting business operations. It is expected that this exploratory research will attract more systematic studies in establishing theories and developing techniques related to E-innovation.


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Academic and industrial usage, E-innovation, Promotion barriers

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AuthorsLan, Ping (University of New Brunswick Saint John, Canada), Du, Howard (University of New Brunswick Saint John, Canada)
Publisher:Elsevier Science Ltd.
Keywords:Academic and industrial usage, E-innovation, Promotion barriers
Last update:2002