Conceptual issues in the study of innovation adoption behavior

This paper focuses upon the relationships among the major behavioral concepts associated with different stages in the consumer innovation decision process. Innovation acceptance, adoption, resistance, rejection, postponement, and their conceptual equivalents tend to lack standardized conceptual and operational definitions. On the basis of an analysis of the available literature, a general framework for innovation related consumer responses is presented. The results of a carefully structured qualitative study provide preliminary evidence as to what concepts may be meaningfully identified and related, and suggest theoretical, methodological, and possible managerial implications.


URL (Association for Consumer Research)


Adoption, Consumer, Innovation, Rejection, Resistance

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AuthorsNabih, Mohammed, I. (Tilburg University, Netherlands), Bloem, Jaak, G. (Tilburg University, Netherlands), Poiesz, Theo B.C. (Tilburg University, Netherlands)
Publisher:Association for Consumer Research
Keywords:Adoption, Consumer, Innovation, Rejection, Resistance
Last update:1997