The World of Standards

Entitled the "World of Standards", this book is aimed at consumers at large. The contents are arranged in such a way so as to facilitate easy reference and not overwhelm consumers with tech-heavy contents. This book is an enhancement of a previous publication entitled "A to Z on Standardization for the Consumer". In order to enhance consumer participation and involvement in providing valuable input to the standards development work in Malaysia, consumers must be well versed with the terms and definitions of standards and standardization. This will enable them to participate actively. Consumers must be active stakeholders in the standards development process and not just be at the receiving end. Otherwise standards will not have relevance, credibility and acceptance among users and consumers alike. Without acceptance, voluntary standards will be irrelevant even to the industry players. Consumers will lose two very important rights ¿ the right to choose and the right to have correct information before deciding on their purchases. "Standards Users" hopes to develop more beneficial and interesting publications and other promotional activities with Standards Malaysia to educate consumers on the importance of standards.

Original titleThe World of Standards



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AuthorsStandards Malaysia
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