The publication concerns general knowledge about standardization, its benefits, the principles of the standardization system, links between standardization and law, standardization in conformity assessment and the certification system. It is targeted at teachers, and upper secondary, technical upper secondary and basic vocational schools.

Original titleNormalizacja
Original abstractPublikacja jest źródłem wiadomości o normalizacji, korzyściach z niej płynących, zasadach systemu normalizacyjnego, związkach normalizacji z prawem, normalizacji w systemie oceny zgodności i certyfikacji.

Additional information:

AuthorsPKN staff
Publisher:Polish Committee for Standardizatin (PKN)
Last update:2012
Additional comments:The textbook is also used to address administration officials responsible for education and students of post-formal education.

Standards used as examples are: PN-EN 45020 - ''Standardization and related activities - Vocabulary''; PN-ISO/IEC 27001 - ''Information technology - Information security management systems - Requirements'', ISO 26000 - ''Guidance on social responsibility'', PN-ISO 9000 - ''Quality management and quality assurance standards - Guidelines for selection and use'', PN-ISO 14000 - ''Environmental management''.