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Most important initiatives:

Work is primarily focused on higher education, however a number of materials for primary and secondary education have been developed which are available on a focused BSI Education website (www.bsieducation.org). This material has also been distributed through the resource database managed by TES magazine, the weekly education news magazine. 2012 saw the inauguration of the BSI Education Stakeholder¿s Group which has given teachers, students and other stakeholders the possibility to contribute to BSI work, policy and objectives. This collaboration will be expanded and formalised in 2013. Social media has been the foundation of all the work, communicating news about standards bodies as well as education related news. It has also been vital in building a community base for BSI work. The BSI Education Sector Representative, Newell Hampson-Jones is also a community governor at a local primary school on behalf of BSI.

Agreements exist with the following organizations:

Relationships exist with these organizations:

BSI was approached by TES magazine to host the resources from BSI Education on their resource database. The BSI Education Sector Representative's work as a community governor at a local primary school creates a link with the local education authority.

Types of agreements with these organizations:

The TES agreement is informal as the material is being hosted and distributed free of charge, with BSI¿s copyright. The Agreement with the Houslow Local Education Agency is a personal signed code of conduct for the community governor role.

Impact of initiatives in figures:

Number of publications or copies distributed: Between September 2012 and January 2013: 5,566
Other indicators: In 2005, BSI Education was awarded with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) PR award for best website contribution.

Impact on public authorities, stakeholder groups or others:

Other qualitative impacts: The BSI Education website and subsequent TES distribution has increased BSI¿s visibility, however it is hard to quantify achievement for the last 3 years, partly due to a shift in focus of the education department towards higher education. In 2013, BSI hopes to evaluate and update its provision to get a better understanding of its impact in these areas.