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Most important initiatives:

Lectures related to standards including what they are, why and how they are developed and who benefits from them.

Relationships exist with these organizations:

Awareness programs inluding how standards benefit society are presented to high school students. The concept initiated is that standards safeguard consumers and producers equally. Safeguarding issues include health, safety and environmental matters.

Impact of initiatives in figures:

Number of schools or students reached: 8 high schools and one elementary school.

Impact on public authorities, stakeholder groups or others:

Awareness of the importance of standards: ESI assumes that awareness programs have been implemented successfully. Students have been sensitized with regard to the benefits of standards and standardization and motivated to participate in the standards development process. This becomes more effective when product standards are developed.

Materials for primary and secondary education in Eritrea

Title / Abstract Types Lang
Presentation related to standardization
A presentation introducing standards to primary and secondary school students.
Targets: Primary school students, Secondary school students
Author(s): Eritrean Standards Institution (ESI)
Presentation English