Iran - ISIRI


Most important initiatives:

Annual visits of primary and secondary school students to ISIRI laboratories where they learn the concept of standards and standardization with examples according to their age group.

Distribution to schools of an amusing educational package compiled of textbooks, didactic standard games and CDs.

Agreements exist with the following organizations:

Relationships exist with these organizations:

Collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology focuses on the introduction of standardization into secondary school textbooks and various initiatives at the academic level.

Types of agreements with these organizations:

Cooperation agreement for promoting standardization.

Impact on public authorities, stakeholder groups or others:

Awareness of the importance of standards: It is believed that a synchronized understanding about standardization by young people will take shape in the near future.
Higher engagement: The level of engagement has relatively increased.
Actions in support of standardization: Understanding the necessity to introduce standardization into the curriculum of universities and, in other ways, among schools has led public authorities to identify needs and analyze similar measures taken in other counties with a view to building a well planned programme. Every year ISIRI awards the standardization experts for their efforts.