Portugal - IPQ


Most important initiatives:

Conception and launch of a project named "Projecto Juventude¿ (Youth Project) for primary, secondary and vocational schools, in order to promote some works on standardization, through the research of national, European and International Standards.

Agreements exist with the following organizations:

Relationships exist with these organizations:

Logistical support for promoting the IPQ contest among schools.

Impact of initiatives in figures:

Number of schools or students reached: 60 schools, 1200 students

Impact on public authorities, stakeholder groups or others:

Awareness of the importance of standards: Increased.
Higher engagement: Public authorities and stakeholders are effectively more engaged.
Other qualitative impacts: It is believed vital to involve the national authorities responsible for education in raising awareness activities on the importance of standardization. After 4 years of such activity the schools' population is very enthusiastic and very much aware of the importance of standardization for their future lives.

Materials for primary and secondary education in Portugal

Title / Abstract Types Lang
Standardization Manual
The Manual describes the objectives and importance of standardization. It refers to the development of standards, the European and international bodies and standards as well as how to search for Portuguese, European and International Standards through the respective catalogues.
Targets: Teachers, Primary school students, Secondary school students
Author(s): Standardization Department of IPQ
Dedicated textbook, Teacher guide Portuguese