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Most important initiatives:

With the purpose of raising awareness and promoting Social Responsibility and ISO 26000 "Guidance for Social Responsibility", EOS has coordinated with the Egyptian Ministry of Education to develop educational materials on SR for teaching school students at different stages (kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary) as of the next academic year (2013-2014). It is believed that successful planting of the principles and concepts of SR in children from the school age, will ensure that they will practice the principles within their jobs and daily dealings when they are grown up.

Relationships exist with these organizations:

A Quality Counselor at the Strategic Planning and Policies Unit on the Quality Board, Egyptian Ministry of Education, who is also a member of the National Mirror Committee to the former ISO/TMB/WG SR has revised the educational materials developed by an EOS staff member. The materials have been sent to the Center for Development of Curriculum and Educational Materials, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Education, for inclusion in the teaching materials as from the next year.

Types of agreements with these organizations:

There is no formal MOU or Cooperation Agreement signed with the Egyptian Ministry of Education. However, EOS being a governmental body there is continuous coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

Materials for primary and secondary education in Egypt

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Social Responsibility- Kindergartners; Social Responsibility-Primary & Preparatory Students
Social responsibility - A new educational material in Egyptian schools.
EOS is currently coordinating with the Ministry of Education to obtain formal approval of educational material, developed by EOS, on SR for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools based on ISO 26000-2010.
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Targets: Teachers, Primary school students, Secondary school students, Other
Author(s): Mr. Shaker Abdel Rahman Khalifa (Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (EOS))
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