Mauritius - MSB


Most important initiatives:

Organization of an essay competition for Higher School Certificate students on themes related to the aim and benefits of standards.

Conducting awareness programmes in secondary schools on the basic concepts of standards and their benefits to the environment, society and for business.

Conducting awareness programmes on ISO 9001 "Quality management systems - Requirements" and IWA 4 "Quality management systems - Requirements".

Agreements exist with the following organizations:

Impact of initiatives in figures:

Number of schools or students reached: About 10 educational institutions have been covered.

Impact on public authorities, stakeholder groups or others:

Higher engagement: Many organizations participate in standardization and use standards in their tender documents for public procurement. Five secondary schools and a department of the Ministry of Education have implemented ISO 9000 and been certified by MSB.

Materials for primary and secondary education in Mauritius

Title / Abstract Types Lang
Presentations about standards
The presentations are intended for secondary school students to raise awareness of standardization and the benefits of standards, and introduce ISO 9000 standards in educational institutions.
Targets: Secondary school students
Presentation English