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Most important initiatives:

Promotion of standardization to the young through lectures in primary, junior high and senior high schools and universities by JISC members.

Agreements exist with the following organizations:

Relationships exist with these organizations:

ArTech is an NPO which holds the annual Awards Ceremony of International Certificates of the Kid¿s ISO 14000 Programme sponsored by METI (as JISC Secretariat) on behalf of ISO. Since we are a part of government, we do not need an agreement between other ministries to work on the education of standardization.

Impact of initiatives in figures:

Number of schools or students reached: Lectures delivered on standardization in recent years: - Primary and secondary schools, in 2006: 25 schools, in 2007: 14, in 2008: 16, in 2009: 21, in 2010:10, in 2011: 5. - University and professional schools, in 2007: 3, in 2008: 5, in 2009: 4, in 2010: 9, in 2011: 2.

Materials for primary and secondary education in Japan

Title / Abstract Types Lang
What is Standardization?
Lecture on standardization for beginners (elementary and junior high school level).

Contents of training material for beginners:
- Standards around us
- What are standards?
- Standards of graphical symbols
- Conclusion
(training material for junior and senior ... more
Targets: Teachers, Primary school students, Secondary school students
Author(s): Ministry of Economy, Technology and Industry
Presentation Japanese