China standardization development report

The "China Standardization Development Report" has been published since 2006 (2006-2009 annual report; after 2009 biennial report; 2011 report in preparation).
Reports are based on data and events, to reflect the development of China's Standardization situation.
Each report covers the last two years. The contents are: Chinese national standardization policy requirements and the management, China Standards development and Technology Committee for Standardization, Chinese situation about the participation in international standardization activities, the research activities of China standardization, standardization of Chinese industry or local development, important standardization projects and hot issues. It also combined with the national macro-economic, policy and other standardized content to analyses the trends.
The series of books provides accurate data about standardization, which can help the public understand the status and development trends of standardization in China. It can also be useful to standardization management and decision-makers, researchers, business managers, as well as for managers areas such as economy, trade and technology.

Original title: 中国标准化发展研究报告

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AuthorsCo-editors (China National Institute of Standardization), Co-editors (Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China)
Publisher:Standards Press of China
First published / Last update: 2006 / 2011
Courses:The intended readers are the public and decision makers. We applied Customized Courses based on these reports for big company - and government officers.