Ukraine - Quality approach to agricultural products

The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NUBiP of Ukraine) offers Master¿s degrees on quality, standardization and certification of agriculture products specifically targeted at:
* Quality, standardization and certification
* Meat processing and food technologies
* Fish processing and food technologies
* Laboratory diagnostics of quality and safety of livestock and plant products.

The Master¿s training is on the basis of a bachelor (17 months) and specialist ¿ higher education (one year). Students can choose from full-time, correspondence or external learning. The training addresses the standardization and certification of agricultural enterprises, regardless of ownership form.

The NUBiP was one of the five finalists for the ISO Award for Higher Education in Standardization.




agriculture, certification, information technology, quality, standardization

Additional information:

AuthorsMelnychuk, Sergiy D. (Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Publisher:International Organization for Standardization - ISO
First published / Last update: 2009