Shenzhen Ping An Insurance, China

This is a study conducted to determine the social and environmental benefits of standards for a major insurance company, the Ping An Property and Causality Insurance Company of China. Using ISO, ISO/IEC and Chinese standards for particular critical issues like risk management, catastrophe insurance and information security, Ping An has set up prevention and response mechanisms such as emergency procedural rules, a decision making process, forecasts of possible impacts caused by business disruptions, information recovery systems, etc. A comprehensive vehicle insurance platform based on a Chinese standard for use throughout the country promotes fair trading practices. Relevant energy management standards are used to set energy consumption benchmarks for daily operations and significant measures are taken to minimize waste and protect the environment. For industries with high potential hazards or high pollution risks, Ping An proposes an environmental pollution liability insurance that relates the insurance premium to the level of safety and environmental protection to encourage the use of emission standards, to reduce pollution and enhance initiatives aimed at environmental pollution remediation.



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