Water Senegal, Senegal

For the conduct of this study, the Standardization Association of Senegal (ASN) has chosen Water Senegal - SDE (Sénégalaise des Eaux), a private limited company with regional offices across the country. With over a thousand employees, SDE serves around 5 million people and operates within an institutional framework involving the State of Senegal, the National Water Company of Senegal (SONES) and the National Sanitation Office (ONAS).
SDE is bound to SONES by a performance contract which defines the technical and financial performance to be achieved. In addition to using management system standards for quality, the environment and health and safety to which the company is certified, SDE complies with standards and regulations for the testing, treatment and distribution of water. Issued annually, a “Public letter of engagement” sets the objectives and policies of the company that are used as a basis for defining specific objectives and tasks for each organizational unit.
The scope of the assessment covers Global management; Water capture, treatment, distribution; Marketing & sales; Engineering projects; and Maintenance.
For SDE, the benefits of using standards have primarily been derived from a coherent and comprehensive application of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 philosophy which has contributed to performance improvement and customer satisfaction. By always assuming the lower value of a given range, a prudent approach has been adopted to calculate the standards' contribution to the company EBIT, estimated at around 2% of the company’s total annual turnover.



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