Effects of IS Standardization on Business Performance: A case in HR IS Company Standardization

In this study a research model is designed that describes the effects of IS company standards on business performance. This model is based on a pilot case study and on the small amount of literature available on company standards. Subsequently, the descriptive model is used in an in-depth case study at a large financial services corporation. This study is part of a series of case studies that will be used to validate the model. The case study describes the implementation, usage and effects of an HR IS standard. The goal is to provide an HR information infrastructure to support HR processes on a global, business unit and local level. The effects of these standards on HR business process performance are identified. To conclude, implications for future research are presented.



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Classification:Company Standardization
AuthorsDe Vries, Henk (Erasmus University, Netherlands), Ribbers, Pieter (Tilburg University, Netherlands), Van Wessel, Robert (Tilburg University, Netherlands)
Other bibliographical information:In Ralph H. Sprague, Jr. (Ed.) Proceedings of the 39 th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, Kauai, Hawaii, 3-6 January 2006, IEEE, Los Alamitos, CA.