Who Develops ISO Standards? A Survey of Participation in ISO's International Standards Development Processes

This study analyzes representation in ISO's standards development activities from two perspectives: geographic region and stakeholder group. The first part of the study looks at the country/regional representation in all active technical committees (TCs) within ISO. The second part looks at ISO/TC 207 – Environmental Management, the second largest committee in ISO, as a case study to examine both regional and stakeholder representation in more detail. TC 207 was selected because it is emblematic of ISO’s transformation from a technical standard-setting institution to one that is increasingly affecting broader public policy issues. The study concludes with a brief review of two new initiatives within ISO to develop water management standards and a corporate social responsibility guidance standard (shortened to “SR” within ISO circles), both of which signify ISO’s continued expansion into the social and environmental arenas.


URL (Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security)

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Classification:Publications with Development Focus
AuthorsJason Morrison, Mari Morikawa
Other bibliographical information:Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security, Oakland, California, USA