Juhayna Food Industries S.A.E., Egypt

Initiated by the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (EOS), this study has been conducted on a leading producer and distributor of packaged milk, juice and yogurt products in Eqypt: Juhayna Food Industries S.A.E. With 3 860 employees at the time of the study, the company has five factories and operates its business through eight subsidiaries, has 20 distribution centres located throughout Egypt, two key distributors and a fleet of over 500 distribution vans which daily deliver an average of 700 tons of products. The company is certified against and uses management system standards for quality, the environment, food safety and health and safety; national standards providing criteria for the identification of suppliers, for testing, conformance, etc.; as well as internal standards developed by suppliers and customers.
The study focuses on the Supply chain, Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution of the El-Dawlya juice factory. The benefits of standards recognized of particular value include: improved reputation through the quality mark; less impact on the environment owing to reduced use of raw materials resulting in less waste; dissemination of knowledge about standards among industry and society through training and education on the production of healthy foods including the relevant standards; more response from advertising as a result of the quality level of products; and a more competitive edge. The average contribution of standards to the company EBIT for the period 2009 – 2012 is estimated at 3.3 % of the company's sales revenue.



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