Lobatse Clay Works (PTY) Ltd., Botswana

The Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) chose to conduct the assessment of a brick manufacturing company Lobatse Clay Works with a view to determine whether standards had an impact in terms of cost savings and product quality. Lobatse Clay Works has an approximate 48% share of the domestic market and its main customer, accounting for 95% of sales, is the Government of Botswana. In addition to focusing on product standards, the company also looks at the implementation of management system standards as a means to continually improve its processes to meet and exceed customer expectations and ensure employees' health and safety.
The scope of the assessment is limited to the Production function, viewed as the backbone of the company as it converts raw material into finished products. The main standards' impacts identified by the study concern costs savings owing to the reduction in the variety of products manufactured, reduction of time used for communication within the production function and improved training of staff owing to the use of standardized specifications.
In summary, standards contribute to 4.6 % of the company EBIT, corresponding to 2.63% of the company turnover.



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