PTT Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTCH), Thailand

For the conduct of this study, the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) chose PTT Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTCH), a leading petrochemical company operating across the chemical sector. The study focuses on polymer products which, as finished petrochemical products are used as synthetic plastics to serve other process industries, packaging, electric appliances construction industries, and others. The assessment has been carried out on the production and operation of the HDPE I -1 plant (high density polyethylene), which has an annual production capacity of 300 000 tons and has been using product, process and engineering standards from its inception in 2005.
The systematic conformity to ISO 9000 as an administrative and management guideline resulted in increased manufacturing output and reduced the use of ethylene and energy. In addition, use of a production quality manual has contributed to improving control of the production processes and achieve cost and time reductions, while reaching higher levels of efficiency. The contribution of standards to the company EBIT has been estimated at around 3% of HDPE I-1's total sales revenue.



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