Singapore City Square Mall, Singapore

This is a case study conducted to determine the economic benefits of standards. The enterprise chosen for the study is Singapore’s “City Square Mall” (CSM), a public facility providing retail outlets for many types of goods and services. Developed , owned and managed by one of Singapore’s leading international property and hotel conglomerates, CSM has been conceived as a miniature “town centre” providing the perfect setting for the community to meet, play and shop while acquiring an eco-learning experience. The study focuses on CSM’s implementation of Singapore standard SS 530: 2006 to reduce the energy consumption of its air-conditioning system which accounts for 30% to 50% of the overall electricity usage. The study reveals that the use of standards has generated savings of SGD 320 00 (around USD 262 000) in electricity costs and helps set CMS as an example of eco-efficiency, performance and cost savings for similar installations in Singapore and beyond.



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Other bibliographical information:International Organization for Standardization - ISO