Standards and Public Policy

This book was first published in 2006. Technological standards are a cornerstone of the modern information economy, affecting firm strategy, market performance and, by extension, economic growth. While there is general agreement that swift movement to superior technological standards is a worthwhile goal, there is much less agreement on the central policy questions: Do markets choose efficient standards? How do standards organizations affect the development of standards? And finally, what constitutes appropriate public policy toward standards? In this volume, leading researchers in public policy on standards, including both academics and industry experts, focus on these key questions. Given the dearth of applied work on standards and public policy, this volume significantly advances the frontier of knowledge in this critical but understudied area. It will be essential reading for academic and industrial researchers as well as policymakers.


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Classification:General Textbooks
AuthorsShane Greenstein (Kellogg School of Mgt, Northwestern University, USA), Victor Stango (Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, USA)
Other bibliographical information:Cambridge University Press