Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd, Singapore

This is a case study conducted to determine the economic benefits of standards. The enterprise chosen for the study, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd. (Teckwah), provides cost-effective solutions in printing & packaging, turnkey software manufacturing, value chain manufacturing and service part & reverse logistics. The study focuses on the economic benefits of Teckwah’s implementation of Singapore Standard (SS) 540: 2008 on Business Continuity Management (BCM). The standard provides a framework for organizations to analyze business threats and implement strategies, processes and procedures to address these threats. The most relevant business functions impacted by SS 540 are ICT, business development, and production. The study reveals an economic benefit amounting to 10.6 % of the company’s annual EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) and that standards have helped strengthen Teckwah’s and Singapore’s capacity to build a resilient society.



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Other bibliographical information:International Organization for Standardization - ISO