The Emergence of Standards: a Meta-analysis

This paper provides a list of factors that influence the outcome of standards battles, developed by performing a meta-analysis of 103 papers. An extensive literature study revealed 31 factors which are grouped under five categories: superior design, mechanisms, stakeholders, dominant agent and strategy. The relations between the factors are discussed and the set of factors applied to an example of a standardization battle: the video case.



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Classification:Publications with Economic / Trade Focus
AuthorsDe Vries, Henk (RSM, Erasmus University, Netherlands), Van Heck, Eric (RSM, Erasmus University, Netherlands), Van de Kaa, Geerten (RSM, Erasumus University, Netherlands), Van den Ende, Jan (RSM, Erasmus University, Netherlands)
Other bibliographical information:In Proceedings of the 40th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS¿07). IEEE.