Chococam, Cameroon

The company selected for this study by the Standards and Quality Agency of Cameroon (ANOR) is Chococam one of the two leading companies dominating the cocoa industry in Cameroon. Chococam is specialized in the manufacture of chocolate-based products and various sweets from cocoa mass and has a domestic market share of 55%. The company uses a number of product and testing standards to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Clearly, these standards support Chococam’s business processes but as they have been in use for many years it has not been possible to make a specific assessment of the benefits they bring to the company. However, management system standards, in particular, ISO 9001 have a key impact on Chococam’s operations.
The analysis focuses on the functions of Marketing, Sales (including planning), Procurement and Operations (including raw material warehouse, confectionery, chocolate spread and powder making).The study demonstrates that the use of standards contributes to the creation of value for Chococam with an estimated contribution to the company EBIT representing 5% of the company’s total annual revenue. This value is very significant and is strongly related to a thorough implementation of ISO 9001 in support of the company’s operational improvement.
It should also be noted that, in several cases, the persons interviewed have clearly identified qualitative benefits of standards, but were not able to quantify them. This seems to indicate that, while already significant, the economic benefits of standards for Chococam are most probably underestimated.



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