Nanotron Technologies GmbH, Germany

Selected by the DIN German Institute for Standardization for the conduct of an assessment, Nanotron is a medium-sized engineering company participating in the global information and communication technology (ICT). With 25 employees at the time of the study (October 2010-June 2011), Nanotron develops products on the basis of patented Chirp technology (platform for sending data over sound). Its first product, the nanometer, was introduced in 2004 to enable the implementation of wireless networks. The company's internal processes and responsibilities have been oriented towards the DIN EN 9001 quality management system standard and standards are mainly used as a strategic marketing tool. Standardized products and technologies assist in winning high volume Chirp-chip and module contracts with major companies. Nanotron has already played an influential role in the development of Chirp-related standards and plans to engage in future standardization projects in parallel with the development of future products.
The main benefits derived from standards are found to be a streamlining of work through the operational adoption of standards; an information advantage over competitors through involvement in standards development, and customer confidence in the quality of a standardized product or in its compatibility with standardized interfaces. Focusing the assessment on R&D, Marketing, Sales and Management units, the contribution of standards on the company EBIT is estimated at almost 33% of its total sales revenue. This is explained by the fact that standards apply to almost the entire range of Nanotron's products.



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