Investment in JTAG Standards Development Benefits Entire Industry

In this guest commentary for the Network of electronics engineers EDN, the President and CEO of ASSET Intertech (embedded instrumentation) reveals the company's commitment to the development of standards. He emphasizes the importance of communicating, promoting and educating about standards so as to build support across a broad section of the industry. He explains how the work of a JTAG under the auspices of the IEEE is working on a standard to access and control on-chip test and measurement circuitry by leveraging on the test access infrastructure defined in IEEE 1149.1. The group believes that having a standard way of accessing, controlling and communicating with this embedded circuitry, which it refers to as “instruments,” will encourage greater development of these mechanisms and lead to their more widespread use in various functional and structural verification and test applications.



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Classification:Information Technology
AuthorsGlenn Whopman (ASSET InterTech)
Other bibliographical information:Guest commentary in Test & Measurement World 2007-02-16.