This section lists information resources which provide background information for the workshop, including, in particular, documents and hyperlinks to materials from organizations actively involved in standardization initiatives covering a plurality of biotechnology fields.

Summary of the ISO Council Task force recommendations
(September 2009)

Webinar 14 June 2011

Webinar 5 July 2011



Selected relevant ISO Technical bodies and documents

ASTM – Biotechnology Standards for Industrial-Enviro Applications

Home page:

BIO – Biotechnology Industry Organization

Home page:


Home page:

BioSharing is a collaborative project:

BioSharing’s origin:

BIPM – International Bureau of Weights and Measures

BIPM’s home page:

Study of Measurement Service and Comparison Needs for an International Measurement Infrastructure for Biosciences and Biotechnology: Input for the BIPM Work Programme’:

Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology:

BSI – British Standards Institute

Home page:

CEN / NEN (Netherlands Standardization Institute)

CEN home page:
NEN home page:

CWA 15793:2008 (Management system for laboratory biosafety and biosecurity)
CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 15793 sets requirements necessary to control risks associated with the handling or storage and disposal of biological agents and toxins in laboratories and facilities. 

CWA 15793 is available to the public for free.
More information is given in the Workshop's business plan.

CWA 16335:2011 (Competence of a BioSafety Professional (BSP))

CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 16335 addresses the broad range of competences and abilities required by individuals who advise management and personnel on the safe and secure use of biological material  and who manage and support the development and implementation of relevant management programmes or systems.
While this CWA is primarily intended for biosafety professionals, it will also be of interest for employers (managers) and trainers.
It was developed in response to identified needs across the international community, informed by the experience of practitioners through professional organizations and WHO.

More information is given in the Workshop's business plan.

CWA 163xx:2011 (describing guidance on the use and implementation of CWA 15793:2008, to be published by the end of 2011)

Following the release of CWA 15793 and its distribution worldwide, the user community (laboratories, managers, biosafety and biosecurity professionals and others) identified the need for an additional document assisting in the understanding of the CWA 15793 and helping end-users in the actual implementation. This CWA provides informative guidance to aid the interpretation of CWA 15793 on biorisk management.

More information is given in the Workshop's business plan.

Europabio – European Association for Bioindustries

Home page:

FDA Microarray/Sequencing Quality Control activities

Home page:

FGED – Functional Genomics Data Society

Home page:

GSC – Genomic Standards Consortium

Home page:

GSC 12th Workshop (28-30 September 2011):

Health Level 7 (HL7) – Clinical Genomics Committee

Home page:

Investigation, Study, Assay (ISA) framework

An example of a collaboratively built open-source system that facilitates standards-compliant collection, care, management, distribution and re-use of bio-investigations

Home page:

JBA – Japan Bioindustry Association

Home page:

OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) – Biotechnology policies,3355,en_2649_34537_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

The Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies (OBO Foundry)

Home page:

The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI)

An example of a collaboratively built ontology, that illustrates the concept of synergizing as a way to build and maintain a common terminology across different bio-community.

Home page:

Pistoia Alliance

Home page:

PSI – HUPO Proteomic standards initiative        

Home page:


STRENDA is a Commission created by the Beilstein-Institut. The name represents Standards for Reporting Enzymology Data.

Home page:

Selected publications that describe best the objectives and projects of STRENDA:

5th ESCEC Symposium (12-16 September 2011) :

W3C Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences (HCLS) Interest Group

Home page: