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The objective is to involve a comprehensive and balanced representation of the main organizations active in standardization in those fields covered by the workshop.


Given the large number and diversity of standardizers and stakeholders actively participating in the field, it is clear that exchange of information and cooperation among the key players in biotechnology standardization needs to be intensified and promoted, with a view to supporting the emergence of high-quality, globally relevant International Standards for the field.

The workshop is designed to promote a dialogue among the organizations most active in biotechnology standardization, to foster better understanding among the key players and to capture input and recommendations on relevant matters, which will be channelled for consideration to the existing technical bodies.


The workshop will be focused on three specific subject matters:

The workshop is designed to cover these areas in detail, with a view to:

Expected outputs from the workshop will include reports detailing the above, draft proposals concerning mechanisms and agreements supporting coordination and collaboration, a shared vision of the evolution of international standards to meet the needs and opportunities identified, and specifc recommendations to ISO re: activities/work items to be initiatied.

Benefits of attendance

It is expected that all participating organizations will benefit from enhanced awareness of international activities in the area and from the development of improved mechanisms for coordination, collaboration and harmonization.

Workshop structure

All participating organizations will be asked to prepare presentations detailing their existing standards portfolios and current and planned activities relevant to the three main subject matters, and any needs they can identify that are not, to their knowledge, being met.

The following breakout sessions will be devoted to the discussion of key aspects regarding the subject matters indicated above and will address the needs and challenges of standardization in these different areas. The number of break-out groups and their specific focus are currently being defined by the steering committee of the workshop.

The final session will bring together all participants to consider how future coordination can be achieved to ensure stakeholder needs are met.