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ISO and IEC standardization activities in areas of interest to consumers

To find out more about existing relevant published standards, or standards under development, select the predefined search next to each priority area of consumer interest, which will generate the requested information from the ISO Online data base.

To customize your query on relevant standards and standards under development, use the advanced search feature in the ISO Catalogue of ISO Online.

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Areas of priority interest Relevant standards and projects
Child-related products Pre-defined search ("child" and ISO/TC 22)
•Pre-defined search ("child" and ISO/TC 122)
•Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 136)
Building security •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 223)
Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 61)
Product safety:  
Domestic appliances Pre-defined search (IEC/TC 61)
Pre-defined search (IEC - "safety" and "household")
Water safety •Pre-defined search ("safety" and ISO/TC 188)
Safety of toys •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 181)
Nanotechnology •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 229)
Food safety •Predefined search ("management" and ISO/TC 34)
Tourism and related services •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 228)
Water services (water supply and wastewater disposal) •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 224)
Elderly and persons with disabilities •Pre-defined search ("accessibility")
ISO/AWI 11156
Environmental issues •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 207)
Global market and customer satisfaction issues:  
Customer satisfaction •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 176/SC3)
Network services billing •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 239)
Product recalls •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 240)
Protection of personal data •Pre-defined search ("privacy")
e-commerce •Pre-defined search ("electronic commerce")
Social responsibility •Pre-defined search ("social responsibility")
Second-hand goods •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 245)
Mechanical contraceptives •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 157)
Cosmetics •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 217)
Contact lens care products •Pre-defined search ("contact lens")
Image safety •Pre-defined search ("photosensitive epilepsy")
Fire safety issues •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 21/SC3)
•Pre-defined search ("lighters")
Safety of household appliances •Pre-defined search (IEC/TC 61)
Performance of household appliances •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 86)
•Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 148)
•Predefined search (IEC/TC 59)
Health informatics •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 215)
Public information symbols - graphical symbols •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 145)
Personal financial planning •Pre-defined search (ISO/TC 222)