Directory for consumer interest participation

As part of its ongoing strategic objective to ensure the involvement of stakeholders, ISO has developed a project to research and share information about how its members involve consumer interests in their policy and technical work.

ISO members provide information on their consumer interest participation structures and mechanisms through an on-line input form (password protected) which can be updated at any time.  This section reflects that information through a specialized on-line directory. The ISO members that have provided this type of data appear in the list below.

For each country on the list, headings appear where the ISO member has provided relevant data. The page shows the contact person for consumer matters and types of consumer participation in its policy and/or governance committees. For specific priority areas of consumer interest, the page shows consumer representation on international ISO or IEC technical committees (or regional committees), national technical committees or mirror committees, and other types of consultation. Finally, the page shows specific ways the ISO member supports consumer interest involvement in its organization, along with publicly available resources for consumer stakeholders.

Finally, a separate, interactive query page allows searches of the ISO work programme for published standards and standards under development, in areas of priority interest (also see the section Areas of focus within standards for more details).


Country Acronym
Albania DPS
Argentina IRAM
Armenia SARM
Australia SA
Austria ASI
Barbados BNSI
Belgium NBN
Bosnia and Herzegovina BAS
Botswana BOBS
Brazil ABNT
Canada SCC
Colombia ICONTEC
Czech Republic UNMZ
Denmark DS
Dominican Republic DIGENOR
Finland SFS
France AFNOR
Germany DIN
Hong Kong, China ITCHKSAR
India BIS
Ireland NSAI
Israel SII
Italy UNI
Jamaica BSJ
Japan JISC
Kazakhstan KAZMEMST
Korea, Republic of KATS
Kyrgyzstan KYRGYZST
Latvia LVS
Lithuania LST
Malawi MBS
Malaysia DSM
Malta MSA
Myanmar MSTRD
Netherlands NEN
New Zealand SNZ
Norway SN
Poland PKN
Romania ASRO
Saint Lucia SLBS
Saudi Arabia SASO
Serbia ISS
Seychelles SBS
Singapore SPRING SG
Slovakia SUTN
South Africa SABS
Sri Lanka SLSI
Sudan SSMO
Sweden SIS
Switzerland SNV
Thailand TISI
Trinidad and Tobago TTBS
Turkey TSE
Uganda UNBS
Ukraine DSSU
United Kingdom BSI