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Ms. Rita Schindelholz
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Consumer representation on policy and governance committees:

Committee Representative(s)
NK ISO COPOLCO Committee on consumer policy Mr. Robert Duncombe
  Mr. Benno Maurer; Eidgenössisches Büro für Konsumentenfragen
  Ms. Françoise Michel, Consommateurs FRC


Consumer representation on international and regional technical committees of priority interest for consumers:


National technical committees or mirror committees for ISO or IEC TCs:

Committee Representative(s)
INB NK 201, for ISO TC 224, Nanotechnologies Mr. Egon Holländer, President of National Committee
INB NK 189, for ISO TC 228, Tourism and related services 8 members
INB NK 2293, for ISO TC 173, Assistive products for persons with disability 5 members
INB NK 174, for ISO TC 207, Environmental management Dr. Kurt Buxmann, President of National Committee
INB NK 140, for ISO TC 176/SC3, Supporting technologies (quality management) Mr. Ian Campbell, President of National Committee
INB NK 154, for ISO/TC 157, Mechanical contraceptives Dr. Johannes Gauglhofer, President of National Committee
INB NK 185, for ISO/TC 172/SC 7/WG 9, Contact lenses Mr. Imre Kovats, President of National Committee
INB NK 165, for ISO/TC 215, Health informatics Mr. Florian Mitscherlich, President of National Committee


Tools to support consumer participation in policy and technical work:

  • Logistical support
  • Other : As for each national mirror comitee, the documents are downloaded and telecharged on the SNV Livelink system. Each member of the national comitee can access all documents, standards etc. via SNV Livelink system.