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Ms. Theja Senaratne
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Consumer representation on international and regional technical committees of priority interest for consumers:

Child-related products (child restraints, child resistant packaging, children's furniture)
ISO/TC 122, Packaging Mrs. Theja Senaratne
Personal security (including building security)
ISO/TC 21, Equipment for fire protection and fire fighting Mrs. T. N. Yasaratne
ISO/TC 38, Textiles Mr. Wijaya Tissera
ISO/TC 92, Fire safety Mrs. T. N. Yasaratne
ISO/TC 223, Societal Security Mr. Wasantha Meewaddana
Food safety
ISO/TC 34, Food products Mrs. Deepika Munaweera
Accessibility issues (elderly and persons with disabilities)
ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information technology Mrs. J Dewasurendra
Environmental issues (EMS, energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, climate change)
ISO/TC 207, Environmental management Mrs. T. N. Yasaratne
Contraceptive devices
ISO/TC 157, Mechanical contraceptives Mrs. Theja Senaratne
ISO/TC 217/WG 7, Sun protection test methods Mrs. Theja Senaratne
Safety of household appliances
IEC/TC 23, Electrical accessories Mr. T Uthayakumar
Performance of household appliances
IEC/TC 59, Performance of household and similar electrical appliances Mr. T. Uthayakumar
Other committees
SLSI participates ('P' and 'O' membership) in various other Technical Committees  
of ISO  


National technical committees or mirror committees for ISO or IEC TCs:

Committee Representative(s)
National Electrotechnical Committee of Sri Lanka Mr. T Uthayakumar -SLSI - Secretary of National Committee
Drafting committees on cosmetics Dr Dhammika Jayalath, Cosmetics,devices and Drugs Authority
Drafting commitees on illuminating paraffin wax candles Housewives' Association in Sri Lanka
Drafting committes on paper, board and packaging Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging
Sectoral committee on Building and Construction Mr K S Abeygunawardene
Sectoral committee on Materials, Mechanical Systems and Manufacturing engineerin Mr M S S Fernando


Consumer representation for other types of consultation:

Sri Lanka Draft Standards relevant to consumer products are sent to Housewives' Association (active consumer group in Sri Lanka), schools, National Education Institute and other consumer organizations during the public comments stage to get consumer comments for national standards.
Public surveys are done with consumers in Sri Lanka to identify intended uses of different product and quality aspects expected by consumers before and during standards formulation activities.


Tools to support consumer participation in policy and technical work:

  • Training
  • Education materials
  • Other : Obtain consumer ideas/suggestions through the consumer suggestion schemes


Information on consumer-oriented standards, legislation and related issues:

  • Reports
    Consumer protection Act and Regulations framed thereunder
  • Web sites
    Consumer International
  • Books

  • Audio-visual, interactive media
    ISO/DEVCO/COPOLCO Workshop - "Train the Trainer"