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KAZMEMST / Kazakhstan

Contact person

Ms. Savchenko Svetlana
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Consumer representation on policy and governance committees:

Committee Representative(s)
National League of Consumers of Kazakhstan Savchenko Svetlana


Consumer representation on international and regional technical committees of priority interest for consumers:

Social responsibility
ISO Working Group on Social Responsibility Savchenko Svetlana


National technical committees or mirror committees for ISO or IEC TCs:

Committee Representative(s)
ISO 26000 Social resposibility Savchenko Svetlana


Consumer representation for other types of consultation:

National League of Consumers of Kazakhstan is accredited in all governmental committees related to protection of consumers' rights, such as Committee of competitiveness protection, Committee of entrepreneurship support, etc.


Tools to support consumer participation in policy and technical work:

  • Financial support
  • Training
  • Education materials
  • Logistical support
  • Other : legislation

National League of Consumers of Kazakhstan (NLCK) has been existing for 16 years and is a member of Consumers International (UK) and ConfOP (Russian Federation). NLCK helps to consumers' movement not only in Kazakhstan, but also in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan.


Information on consumer-oriented standards, legislation and related issues:

  • Training curricula
    Human resources management
    Strategic planning
    Protection of intellectual property
    time management
    PR strategy development
    International commercial arbitration
  • Web sites
  • Articles (journal, magazine)
  • Surveys
    Protection of consumers' rights
  • Books
    Theory and practice of protection of consumers' rights
    Encyclopedia for consumers
    Bases of consumers knowledge
    Collection of legal acts regulating activity of State standards
  • Information brochures
    News for consumers
  • Audio-visual, interactive media
    "Azbuka potrebitelya" (channel "Khabar")