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Mr. Aymen MEKKI
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Consumer representation on policy and governance committees:

Committee Representative(s)
Strategy elaboration  


Consumer representation on international and regional technical committees of priority interest for consumers:

Personal security (including building security)
ISO/TC 38, Textiles Mr. Chehir JHEN - INNORPI secretary.
Product safety (especially domestic appliances and water safety, protection against drowning)
IEC/TC 61, Safety of household and similar electrical appliances Mr. Ghaith Masmoudi, INNORPI secretary
Food safety
ISO/TC 34, Food products Mrs. Sana Smaali, INNORPI Secretary.
Services (general aspects, tourism, water supply and wastewater disposal)
ISO/TC 224, Service activities relating to drinking water supply systems and wastewater systems - Quality criteria of the service and performance indicators Mrs. Wien Jmour, INNORPI Secretary.
ISO/TC 228, Tourism and related services Mr. Chokri Makhlouf, INNORPI Secretary.
Environmental issues (EMS, energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, climate change)
ISO/TC 207, Environmental management Mr. Afif Thabet.
Safety of household appliances
IEC/TC 23, Electrical accessories Mr. Ghaith Masmoudi.
IEC/TC 35, Primary cells and batteries Mr. Ghaith Masmoudi.
Health informatics
ISO/TC 215, Health informatics Mrs. Dorra Hendi
Other committees
ISO/TC 68 "Financial services" Mr. Chokri Makhlouf
ISO/TC 47 "Chemistry" Mr. Chehir Jhen


National technical committees or mirror committees for ISO or IEC TCs:

Committee Representative(s)
INNORPI /NMC/ISO TC 38 (SC24) Mr. Chehir JHEN, INNORPI Secretary.
INNORPI /NMC/ISO TC 34 Mrs. Sana Smaali, INNORPI Secretary.
IEC / 61 Mr.Gaith Masmoudi, INNORPI Secretary.
INNORPI /NMC/ISO TC 224 Mrs. Wiem Jmour, INNORPI Secretary
INNORPI /NMC/ISO TC 228 (WG 2) Mr. Afif Thabet, INNORPI Secretary
INNORPI /NMC/ISO TC 207(SC7) Mrs. Dorra Hendi, INNORPI Secretary
IEC / TC 23 Mr.Gaith Masmoudi, INNORPI Secretary.


Consumer representation for other types of consultation:




Tools to support consumer participation in policy and technical work:

  • Training
  • Logistical support


Information on consumer-oriented standards, legislation and related issues:

  • Articles (journal, magazine)
    Articles published by the Tunisian Consumer organization
  • Information brochures
    Published by Tunisian Consumer organization on different topics concerning consumer (energy saving)
  • Audio-visual, interactive media
    TV or radio spots (different topics)
  • Presentations
    Through participation in national event coorganized with INNORPI