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Consumer representation on policy and governance committees:

Committee Representative(s)
British Standards 'Standards Policy and Strategy Committee' 1 representative
Consumer and Public Interest - Strategic Advisory Committee 8 representatives
British Standards 'Construction Policy and Strategy Committee' 1 representative
BSI Product Services 'Certification Advisory Committee' 2 representatives
Consumer and Public Interest Network 75 representatives


Consumer representation on international and regional technical committees of priority interest for consumers:

Product safety (especially domestic appliances and water safety, protection against drowning)
IEC/TC 59, Performance of household and similar electrical appliances 1 representative
ISO/TC 229, Nanotechnologies 1 representative
Food safety
ISO/TC 34, Food products 1 representative ISO/TC34 SC17 amendment
Services (general aspects, tourism, water supply and wastewater disposal)
ISO/TC 228, Tourism and related services 1 representative ISO/TC 228/WG5/WG6/WG2 amendment
Accessibility issues (elderly and persons with disabilities)
ISO/TC 59/SC 16, Accessibility and usability of the built environment 1 representative ISO/TC59/SC14 to amend
ISO/TC 159, Ergonomics 1 Representative ISO/TC159/WG2/SC1/WG1 amendment
ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information technology ISO/IECJTC1/WG6
Social responsibility
ISO Working Group on Social Responsibility 1 representative
Image safety
ISO/TC 159/SC 4, Ergonomics of human-system interaction ISO/TC159/WG2 & TC 159/SC1/WG1 amendment
Performance of household appliances
IEC/TC 59, Performance of household and similar electrical appliances 1 representative
Public information symbols
ISO/TC 145/SC 3, Graphical symbols for use on equipment 1 representative ISO/TC145 to amend
Other committees
JTC1/SC37 Biometrics  


National technical committees or mirror committees for ISO or IEC TCs:

Committee Representative(s)
SSM/1, Societal Security, mirror committee to ISO/TC 223 1 representative
CPL/59, Performance of Household Electrical Appliances, mirror to IEC/TC 59 1 representative
CPL/6,1 Safety of Household & Similar Electrical Appliances mirror to IEC/TC 61 1 representative
SVS/2 Tourism Services, mirror committee to ISO/TC 228 1 representative
B/500 Basic D, mirror committee to ISO/TC 59/SC16  
PH/9 Applied Ergonomics, mirror committee to ISO/TC 159 1 representative
SVS/74 Metering & Billing, mirror to ISO/TC 239, Network services billing 1 representative
SDS/1/1 Social Responsibility, mirror to ISO WG on Social Responsibility 1 representative
GEL/3 Documentation & Graphical symbols, mirror to IEC/SC 3C 1 representative
PH/8 Graphical Symbols & Signs, mirror to ISO/TC 145/SC3 1 representative ISO/145 to amend
IST/44 Biometrics, mirror committee to JTC1/SC37 1 representative


Tools to support consumer participation in policy and technical work:

  • Financial support
  • Training
  • Education materials
  • Logistical support
  • Other : 2 meeting p.a open to all representatives


Information on consumer-oriented standards, legislation and related issues:

  • Web sites
    Top ten standards link & Adventure activities (link)
    Accessibility video utube link (link)
    Draft for public comment (link)