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Mr. Rémi Reuss
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Consumer representation on policy and governance committees:

Committee Representative(s)
Conseil d'administration (CA) - Board of directors Mr. Arnaud Faucon, INDECOSA CGT
  Mr. Etienne Defrance, AFOC
  Ms.Ludivine Coly-Dufourt, ALLDC
Comité de Coordination et de Pilotage de la Normalisation (CCPN) Ms.Ludivine Coly-Dufourt, ALLDC
  Ms Jamy Belkiri, Familles de France
Comité Consommation (COSAC) - Consumer Committee Mr. Arnaud Faucon, INDECOSA CGT (Chair)
  Ms. Catherine Decaux, Familles rurales
  Ms. Vololona Andriant, CSF
  Ms. Christine Crespon, Familles de France
  Mr. Etienne Defrance, AFOC
  Mr. Georges Garcia Bardidia, ADEIC
  M. Christian de Thuin, INC
  M. X (to be nominated)
  Ms Ludivine Coly-Dufourt, Alldc (expert)
  M. Georges Goubier, Asseco CFDT (expert)
  M. Yves Huguet, ALLDC (expert)


Consumer representation on international and regional technical committees of priority interest for consumers:

ISO/TC 229, Nanotechnologies Ms. Aurélie Delemare, ADEIC
Customer satisfaction and global market (protection of personal data, e-commerce, management systems)
ISO/TC 239, Project Committee: Network services billing Mr. Catelain, INDECOSA CGT
Social responsibility
ISO Working Group on Social Responsibility Ms. Priscilla Crubezy, ALLDC / Ms Elsa Cohen, CSF / Ms Nadege Sanguero, ALLDC
Contraceptive devices
ISO/TC 157, Mechanical contraceptives Mr. Christian de Thuin, Institut National de la Consommation - INC
ISO/TC 217/WG 7, Sun protection test methods Ms. Claire Wallaert, Institut National de la Consommation - INC
Contact lens care products
ISO/TC 172/SC 7/WG 9, Contact lenses Ms. Claire Wallaert, Institut National de la Consommation - INC


National technical committees or mirror committees for ISO or IEC TCs:

Committee Representative(s)
CS01 Comité stratégique agroalimentaire - "Mirror committee" ISO/TC 34 Ms. Elsa Cohen, CSF
  Mr. André Philippe, CNAFC
  Mr. Charles Pernin, CLCV
  Mr. Robert Victoria, INC
CS15 Comité stratégique sports, loisirs, biens de consommation et services Ms. Christine Crespon, Familles de France
- "Mirror committee" ISO/TC 243 Ms Ludivine Coly-Dufourt, ALLDC
  Ms Elsa Cohen, CSF
  M. Thierry Martin, INC
  M. Christian de Thuin, INC
DDRS - Mirror committee ISO working group on social responsability Ms. Priscilla Crubezy, ALLDC
  Mr. Alain Elie, ADEIC
  Ms. Ludivine Coly-Dufour, ALLDC


Consumer representation for other types of consultation:

The Consumer Committee (Cosac) has a specific Group of Priorities, in which all French associations of consumers (i.e .18) are represented.
This group defines the priorities of the subjects and fields and nominates the representatives who will participate in the European or international standardization committees.
Regular reporting is made to the group.


Tools to support consumer participation in policy and technical work:

  • Training
  • Logistical support

Associations of consumers receive financial support from the Ministry of Industry via INC (institut national de la consommation), which covers time and travel costs for European and international participation of consumers in standardization.