Risk based approaches to designing conformity assessment strategies

CASCO continues with its series of workshops initiated in 2008 in conjunction with its plenary meetings. This year the theme of the workshop is the role of risk in designing conformity assessment strategies in different economic sectors.

All activities of an organization involve varying degrees of risk and all should be managed accordingly. The range of risks will effect achievement of an organizations objectives. These objectives and associated risks range from the strategic to the operational and are often reflected in terms of environmental, technological, health and safety, security, commercial, financial and economic impacts.

One means of managing risk to acceptable levels is in the design of different conformity assessment strategies based on the level of risk and its impact on the organization, the environment, and society etc. The design of conformity assessment strategies to manage risk can be seen as part of normal risk management.

This year the workshop will not only address those areas familiar to conformity assessment but also other areas where there is a less familiar but just as important  role for conformity assessment such as the insurance, financial and legal sectors. The workshop will concentrate on how to select conformity assessment models based on risk and to identify if these can be used successfully to manage business activities within acceptable levels.

The 2010 workshop will aim to:

  • Identify if risk management should be a key factor in the development of conformity assessment standards;
  • Determine if and how CASCO can provide guidance in the management of risk in the design of conformity assessment strategies (whether it is for public or private sector);
  • Identify if and how conformity assessment strategies and CASCO can assist sectors such as financial, legal, insurance, and governmental in mitigating their risks using conformity assessment strategies; and
  • Determine if there is a sufficient consensus on a potential need for international level of work on risk based approaches to the design of conformity assessment strategies

The outcome of this work could be an additional International Standard, a Guide, or another type of document.

The workshop will be of interest not only to conformity assessment persons but also those in the financial, insurance and legal sectors. The workshop will be broadcasted over the internet to registered users who will be encouraged to participate in the question/answer sessions and deliberations.

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Last modified: 2010-06-09