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You have read the introduction to the Kids' ISO 14000 Programme.

Should you wish to implement the programme for the introductory level, please contact:

Prof. Takaya Kawabe
President and Director General
International Art & Technology Cooperation Organization
Tomigaya 1-39-2, Suite 104
TOKYO, 151-0063

Tel: +81 3 3467-6250
Fax: + 81 3 3467-6277,

A flowchart shows you the steps to be taken when implementing the introductory level. ArTech also provides a sample of the introductory level workbook, giving an example of the guidelines to be followed for producing a national version in a given country.

If you want to be deeper involved in the project, Prof. Kawabe will send you the complete workbook in English for translation and national adoption.

The manuals for teachers and evaluation in English are in preparation.