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"Making the ISO system globally relevant and efficient"

Geneva, 16 and 17 june 2005

Photo of a business meetingThe technical committees and their subcommittees are the backbone of the ISO system. The Chairs of the technical committees and their subcommittees and their Secretariats, together with the Technical Management Board and the Central Secretariat, are the main drivers behind the production and maintenance of ISO deliverables. On them depends the fulfilment of ISO's strategic objectives relating to the technical work, and in particular the assurance of global and market relevance, quality of consensus, and timely delivery of ISO deliverables.

Over the last few years, ISO has taken a number of actions to better position itself as the leading platform for the production of globally and market relevant International Standards, covering products, services, management and business practices. The major actions have been:

  • the ISO Code of Ethics
  • the adoption of ISO 2005-2010 Strategic Plan "Standards for a sustainable world"
  • the ISO Five Year Action Plan for Developing Countries
  • the development of our policy on Global Relevance
  • the deployment of a communication plan designed to enhance ISO's profile with governments, industry and civil society at large.

Furthermore, a number of improvements have been made in the working environment and methods of work, such as IT tools.

This third TC/SC Chairs' conference, entitled "Making the ISO system globally relevant and efficient" is designed to address these developments and to enable an exchange of information and expertise on best and desired practices as well as to pave the way for constant improvement. We give Chairs of the Technical Committees and their Subcommittees a warm welcome and look forward to learning expectations and exchanging experience and ideas on the conduct and prospects of our technical work.


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