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Environmental management systems


Welcome to the official ISO website for the subcommittee (SC) with responsibility for Environmental management systems (EMS). The most well-known of our standards is ISO 14001.

This site helps you to identify:

Our current activities

Revision of ISO 14001 by WG 5 (information sheet available)
Revision of ISO 14004 by WG 6 (information sheet available)

Briefing notes
Relevance of ISO 14001 to Business Strategy and General Management
Micro business – FAQs on ISO 14001 (due for publication 2014)

ISO 14001 Continual Improvement Survey 2013

You can get copies of standards either from your National Member Body or from ISO Store.

What do we do?

The subcommittee (SC) is made up of representatives from 63 National Standards Bodies (also referred to as National Member Bodies) and relevant liaison organizations. The governance and working methods of the SC are laid down in ISO Directives. We meet annually in plenary to discuss matters and the work of the SC. Work is conventionally carried out by:

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Our Vision

Published standards we have responsibility for

You can get copies of standards either from your National Member Body or from the ISO Store

Records of our work

Records of our work including documents related to:

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How do environmental management standards fit together? – the ISO 14000 family

The SC work is part of wider work that is the responsibility of the Technical Committee (TC) environmental management. Find out what the other SC under the TC are involved in and how it all fits together in ISO 14000 family.

ISO 14001 and ISO 14004 focus on environmental management systems. The other standards in the family focus on specific areas such as life cycle analysis, labeling, greenhouse gases, communication and auditing.

How many organizations use Environmental Management Systems?

ISO conducts an annual survey on how many accredited organizations are certified to ISO 14001 – almost 270,000 in 2011. This provides the top of the iceberg view of how many organizations choose to use ISO 14001 to guide them in manage environmental challenges.

How to get involved?

If you want to get involved in the work of the committee, you should contact your ISO member (this may also be referred to as National Member Body or National Mirror Committee).

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TC 207/SC 1 Chair

Dr. Anne-Marie Warris (UK)

ISO/TC 207/SC 1 Vice-Chair

Noer Wardojo (Indonesia)

TC 207/SC 1 Secretary

Mike Henigan (UK)
Tel : +44 20 8996 7298
E-mail: mike.henigan@bsigroup.com

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