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General information

  • How can I obtain ISO standards? Open or Close

    ISO Member
    Orders for ISO standards and ISO publications can be addressed to your national ISO member. The  list of ISO members , provides contact information for all ISO members, and includes links to their online Web stores where available. ISO members are the primary sales agents for ISO publications in their country. Alternatively you can also order publications and standards via our ISO Store.

    ISO Central Secretariat
    ISO standards and other ISO publications can also be obtained from the ISO Central Secretariat via the ISO Store or may be ordered by phone, e-mail or fax. To avoid delivery errors, it is important that you accurately quote the standard's reference number given in the ISO Catalogue. For standards published in several parts, you should specify the number(s) of the required part(s). If not, all parts of the standard will be provided. For publications other than standards, please quote the exact title or its ISBN number (International Standard Book Number).

    Phone:    +41 22 749 08 88 (Switzerland), opening hours 09:00 – 12:30, 14:00 – 17:00. (UTC+1)
    Fax:    +41 22 749 09 47
    E-mail:    customerservice@iso.org
    Post:    ISO, 1, ch. de la Voie-Creuse, CP 56, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland

  • How do I select and purchase a standard? Open or Close

    The ISO Store provides you with a number of different ways to find the standards and other publications of interest to you:

    • a Quick search box on the top banner of each page
    • an Advanced search which provides more sophisticated search facilities
    • Predefined searches to find, e.g., all standards published this month, etc.
    • a search for Publications and e-products

    The last three options are accessible from the quick search results page. All items available for purchase have an associated shopping basket function.

    Filling your shopping basket and completing your order

    • Select the item and add it to the shopping basket
    • If you need another standard, click on the “Continue shopping” and repeat the process.
    • Then proceed to checkout and click checkout once more to continue to the log-in page
    • You then need to register as a new user if you don’t have an account, or if you already have an account, log in with your email address & password
    • Check your order. Key points are the format you have selected, paper or electronic (PDF), the language, the number of copies ordered: If you have selected paper products, the shipping costs will be added to your order.
    • Finally, at the bottom of your order, you will be invited to choose your payment method and to enter the related information (see How to pay for your publications). At this stage your order is not registered. You can decide to “Edit” it, meaning that you can add or remove any products from your shopping basket, to “Cancel” it or to “Confirm” it.

    Your invoice

    For your convenience and company accounts, the ISO Store will automatically e-mail you an invoice in PDF format. Please make sure that at the time you create an account, you provide your correct e-mail address and clearly indicate your company's name. Once your order is confirmed, we regret that we cannot change the address on the invoice.  

  • How can I pay for my order? Open or Close

    Online customers can pay by credit card  such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Your credit card information is secure through the use of our secure transaction system (see also our Privacy policy).

    When making your purchase through the ISO Central Secretariat (customerservice@iso.org ), you can opt to pay by cheque, bank transfer or credit card.

    Bank transfer payments  are to be made in Swiss francs (CHF) and must include your order number.
    All bank charges must be paid by the purchaser.

  • What is Adobe Acrobat PDF format? Open or Close

    PDF is a file format from Adobe. Details on PDF format can be obtained from Adobe Systems. You need to have the Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer in order to open and read the PDF file(s) you have purchased. Acrobat Reader is freely downloadable from the Adobe web site.

    PDF files are provided in either character-based format or, for older documents, in TIFF image-based format.

    Downloaded standards are watermarked.

  • What is a watermark? Open or Close

    A watermark is additional information that has been added to a document to identify the rightful licensee. In the case of downloaded standards, using a watermark is a means of personalizing each standard that you download. The ISO Central Secretariat uses watermarks in order to protect the copyright of ISO standards.

    Tip - By default the watermark displays (on each page of the standard) the order number, the download date and the email address of the contact provided in the account.

    Please note that our web store is strictly dedicated to end users only and not to resellers as per the terms of the License Agreement. If you would like to resell ISO Standards please contact your national ISO member.
  • How do I download my documents? Open or Close

    We give you the option of downloading ISO standards as electronic files in PDF and ePub, which you can store on your computer.

    Once you have bought an ISO standard or other downloadable publication, it is placed in your personal password-protected area, which you can access via the link My account. You will find the standard in the Downloads section. This is where your ISO standard/publication is stored until you download it to your own computer. You have seven (7) days to download your ISO standard/publication by copying the PDF or ePub file to your computer. After that time the file will be deleted from your Downloads page.

    Buying ISO standards as electronic files is subject to the conditions of the License Agreement, which protects ISO’s copyright. You will be allowed to print only one hardcopy from each downloaded file.’

    Downloading your document(s)

    To download your document(s) immediately, just click on the Download button on your Order confirmation. This will bring you to the place in the ISO Store where we have secured the files of the document(s) you have purchased: This secure place is called My account and your document files will be listed like the following example:

  • How soon can I receive my order? Open or Close

    Physical products
    Orders for physical products, such as paper or CD-ROM, are dispatched either on the same day or the next business day after your order is received. All orders for documents in paper format are shipped from the ISO Central Secretariat, Switzerland, either by priority mail (Swiss Post, 4-10 working days, no tracking available) or by courier service (DHL,2-4 working days with tracking). The ISO/CS has special rates for its customers.

    Electronic products
    PDF files can be downloaded directly from your online account (My account) once we have received the payment.

  • What is the returns policy? Open or Close

    Except in the case of an error made by the ISO Central Secretariat, we do not accept returns for PDF or ePub documents, nor do we credit orders for such documents.

    For documents in paper format or on CD-ROM, DVD and other similar media sent by post, returns are accepted only where an error has been made by ISO

    In all cases, without exception, documents can only be returned after agreement from the ISO/CS who will explain the procedure to follow. Please contact the ISO/CS Customer Service at the address customerservice@iso.org

    Please note that orders will be credited only on receipt of the returned goods.

  • What is an ePub? Open or Close
    EPub is short for “electronic publication”. It is a format optimized for tablets, e-readers and smartphones. It allows you to easily navigate the publication on a small, touch screen.

About online collections

  • What is the Online Browsing Platform (OBP)? Open or Close
    The OBP allows you to access standards online. Some parts of standards are available for free on the platform (introductions, terms and definitions) which can help you decide what standard is right for you. When you buy an online collection you have access to the full standards in the collection for one year. Access the OBP
  • What happens after a year? Open or Close
    A subscription to an online collection lasts for a year. You will be notified just before the end of your subscription to ask if you would like to renew it. If you do not, the full standards will no longer be available in your library.

About graphical symbols collections

  • What is the Online Browsing Platform (OBP)? Open or Close

    The OBP allows you to access standards online. Some parts of standards are available for free on the platform (introductions, terms and definitions) which can help you decide what standard is right for you. You can purchase a monthly or a yearly subscription to an online collection to have access to the full content of the standards. Access the OBP

    The OBP also allows you to access and download symbols. When you subscribe to a graphical symbols collection you have access to all the symbols in the collection in .EPS and .AI formats. Access the OBP

  • Can I download purchased symbols? Open or Close
    Yes. You can download all the symbols in your collection in one go, or you can download the symbols one by one. You can download the symbol as many times as you like during your subscription.
  • What happens after a year? Open or Close
    A subscription to a graphical symbols collection lasts for a year. You will be notified just before the end of your subscription to ask if you would like to renew it. If you do not, the full collection of symbols will no longer be available in your online library.

About subscriptions

  • How do I enable users to access my online collection ? Open or Close
    You will need to purchase a subscription with a multi-user license to give other users access to your collection. To do this, go to subscriptions in your account and select ‘Entitle’. You will then be able to add users and give them access to your content. An email will be sent to them.
  • How do I renew my subscription? Open or Close
    Monthly and yearly subscriptions are automatically renewed. This means that you will keep receiving updates about your content as long as you do not cancel your subscription. You may cancel the auto-renewal at any time in your account.
  • Can I share my library with anyone? Open or Close
    Yes. You have three options available for sharing Online Collections:
    • Single user – Access to one user only
    • 2 – 5 users – Access up to a maximum of 5 users
    • 6 – 10 users – Access up to a maximum of 10 users

    You can select one of the three options when checking out your shopping basket. For multiple user access, the account administrator provides access for all other users.

    If you need additional users to access your content, please contact our customer service team at customerservice@iso.org.

About the notification tool

  • What information will the updates contain? Open or Close
    You will receive an e mail alert when new editions of standards, corrigenda, amendments, new languages are published, when standards are withdrawn and when new formats such as online, pdf, epub or paper formats are made available.
  • How can I subscribe to notifications? Open or Close
    On the Online Browsing Platform, search for a standard and click on ‘Follow’. You will need to create an account and provide your email address. This is the address we will use when we send you notifications.
    If you follow a standard using the OBP you do not have to buy it first.  

    You can also subscribe when you buy a standard through the ISO Store on ISO.org. When you have added the standard to your shopping basket, the ‘Follow’ function will automatically be selected. If you do not wish to receive notifications about this standard after you have purchase it, please unselect this box.
  • How can I access the documents referenced in the update? Open or Close
    The e mail update will contain a document reference as well as information about the change. Click on the document reference and if it is part of your online library (it is part of a collection you have purchased on the OBP) you will be able to view it. If the document is not part of your online library you will be able to see the freely available parts of the document and buy it through our webstore by clicking one of the available formats (online, pdf, epub, paper).

Contact customer services

Send your enquiry by email
or call us on +41 22 749 08 88 (Switzerland)
09:00 – 12:30, 14:00 – 17:00. (UTC+1)


Shopping FAQs

Can I pay in my local currency? What is CHF?

Prices for ISO publications ordered from the ISO Central Secretariat are expressed in Swiss francs (CHF). If you wish to convert the price of any ISO publication into your national currency you can find a currency converter at www.oanda.com

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