Technical committees

The list of ISO technical committees provides basic information for each technical committee (TC). The TCs are listed in numerical order, following the order in which they were established. For example, TC 1 focusing on screw threads was created in 1947 and TC 269 on railway applications was created in 2012.

From this list you can access basic information, including the contact details of the secretary and the subcommittees and working groups, by clicking on the name of the committee in the left hand column. Links to the TC working areas can be found in the third column, ISOTC working area. The number of standards published by each committee is also visible, clicking on this number will lead to the list of standards published. Standards under development can be viewed by clicking on the number in the Work programme column.

STANDBY refers to TCs that have no work item in progress or foreseen but that are required to review the ISO International Standards for which they are responsible.
JTC1 is the Joint ISO/IEC TC that was created in 1987.
Project Committees are established when there is a need for an International Standard on a specific topic that does not fall into the scope of an existing TC. Project Committees are disbanded once the standard has been published.

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