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Департамент по интеллектуальной собственности, стандартизации и метрологии
National Authority for Science and Technology (NAST)
Nahaidiou Rd - P.O. Box 2279

Tel: +856 21 264 202
Fax: +856 21 213 472
E-mail: nsisomphet@ymail.com

In the Standardization Law, No. 13/NA dated 26/12/2007, the National Authority for Science and Technology (NAST) has been identified as the central authority responsible for standardisation activities.
The Department of Intellectual Property, Standardization and Metrology (DISM) established in 1993 under the National Authority for Science and Technology (NAST) is the main body, having responsibility for SMTQ activities. The DISM has the following functions:
- Preparation of plans, laws, rules and regulations on SMTQ and submission to higher authorities for approval;
- Organise the supervision and control of the implementation of approved laws, rules and regulations;
- Establishment of organisational systems on SMTQ and provision of methodological guidance for all activities of the above systems;
- Formulation of national standards and maintenance of national metrology standards;
- Provision and implementation of quality systems and product certifications, testing and calibration, verification of metrology equipment and laboratory accreditation;
- Implementation of the supervision and inspection of quality of goods and products and measuring instruments;
- Conduct of studies on SMTQ; and
- Improvement of the technical level of employees, training and co-operation with regional and international organisations in the field of SMTQ management.
Under DISM, the standardisation and related activities are carried out by the Division of Standards and Quality Division (DSQ). The industrial and legal metrology activities are carried out by the Metrology Division (MD).

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