Dates of regular training sessions

ISO Central Secretariat (ISO/CS) organizes training sessions, free of charge, for the staff of ISO members and professionals engaged in standards production activities each year in Geneva.

In order to provide training to ISO members hosting, or considering to host, secretariats of ISO/TCs and SCs – more specifically their appointed secretaries and their support staff – the majority of courses are organized as part of three dedicated ISO Secretaries' Weeks.

Each of the dedicated weeks will comprise 3 individual courses, in total spanning five days of training. Secretaries and their support staff are free to participate in one, two or three courses organized during a specific Secretaries' Week.

Please note: These dates have been recently modified.

Regular Sessions 2014

16th ISO Secretaries' Week  
10-11 February Procedures for ISO secretaries
12 February How to write standards
13-14 February eServices for ISO secretaries

17th ISO Secretaries' Week  
23-24 June Procedures for ISO secretaries
25 June How to write standards
26-27 June         eServices for ISO secretaries
18th ISO Secretaries' Week  
10-11 November Procedures for ISO secretaries
12 November    How to write standards
13-14 November eServices for ISO secretaries

Other courses in 2014  
2-4 December eServices for MBUAs (ISO Global Directory Member Body User Administrators)*

*The ISO Global Directory is the application used for managing data relating to experts, committees, expert roles and permissions for ISO and national committees. An MBUA is responsible for inputting and managing data, on behalf an ISO member, in the ISO Global Directory.

ISO has limited places for these courses and will therefore apply a strict policy of prioritizing applicants for whom the training courses have been designed. The pre-registration form includes detailed information concerning the applicants that will be given priorty to participate in the ISO courses.

There will be no charge for participating in any of these training courses. Please note that no financial assistance will be granted to ISO trainees, who will have to find the finance for their own participation.

ISO Training Services look forward to assisting you in your standards development training requirements in 2014.

If you wish to attend any of these courses please complete the 2014 pre-registration form.

How to participate

To apply for these sessions, members need to fill in the pre-registration form and send it to training@iso.org.

Generally speaking courses are designed for individuals working for ISO's members. However, individuals involved in technical work can attend if proposed by a member (the member must fill in the application form). Applicants will be registered on a first-come first-served basis, while endeavouring to ensure equal opportunity among the membership. Travel and accommodation costs are to be covered by each participant at his/her own expense. ISO does not undertake to seek funding on behalf of participants from donors.

Download and complete the 2014 pre-registration form.