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13.020.01: Environment and environmental protection in general

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Standard and/or projectStage TC
IWA 9:2011
Framework for managing sustainable development in business districts
60.60 ISO/TMBG
ISO Guide 64:2008
Guide for addressing environmental issues in product standards
90.60 ISO/TC 207
ISO Guide 82:2014
Guidelines for addressing sustainability in standards
60.60 ISO/TMBG
ISO/DTS 13811
Guidelines on developing environmental specifications for accommodation establishments
30.99 ISO/TC 228
ISO/CD 14055-1
Environmental management -- Combatting land degradation and desertification -- Part 1: Guidelines and general framework
30.60 ISO/TC 207
ISO 17422:2002
Plastics -- Environmental aspects -- General guidelines for their inclusion in standards
90.93 ISO/TC 61/SC 5
ISO 18601:2013
Packaging and the environment -- General requirements for the use of ISO standards in the field of packaging and the environment
60.60 ISO/TC 122/SC 4
ISO 18602:2013
Packaging and the environment -- Optimization of the packaging system
60.60 ISO/TC 122/SC 4
ISO 20121:2012
Event sustainability management systems -- Requirements with guidance for use
60.60 ISO/TMBG