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The JTC 1 vision

JTC 1 is the standards development environment where experts come together to develop worldwide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards for business and consumer applications.  Additionally, JTC 1 provides the standards approval environment for integrating diverse and complex ICT technologies. These standards rely upon the core infrastructure technologies developed by JTC 1 centers of expertise complemented by specifications developed in other organizations.

For more information: JTC 1 mission and principles, JTC 1 Value Proposition (pdf, 127 kB) and the The Delta Value of JTC 1 as a provider of International Standards (pdf, 79 kB), Strategic business plan.


Since its inception in 1987, JTC 1 has brought about a number of very successful and relevant ICT standards in the fields of multimedia (e.g.: MPEG), IC cards ("smart cards"), ICT security, database query and programming languages as well as character sets, to name just a few.

In 2012, JTC 1 celebrated 25 years of successful ICT International Standards development (1987 - 2012).  Read "25 years of JTC 1 - We've come a long way!" for more information on this momentous milestone.

The final report of the JTC 1 Study Group on Cloud Computing (SGCC) is now available.  The report, prepared by JTC 1/SC 38 (Distributed application platforms and services) identifies the future work of JTC 1/SC 38 in the area of Cloud Computing, and provides a basis for JTC 1/SC 38 working with other relevant JTC1 sub committees and with groups in other standards developing organizations.

How to get involved

If you want to get involved in the work of JTC 1 you must contact the ISO Member or IEC National Committee in your country. Not all ISO members or IEC National Committees are members of JTC 1. Membership may be different for the sub-committees of JTC 1.


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JTC 1 Chairperson

Ms. Karen Higginbottom, Chairperson of JTC1
Karen Higginbottom
Karen Higginbottom

JTC 1 Secretary

Mrs. Lisa Rajchel, Secretary of JTC1
Lisa Rajchel
Lisa Rajchel

JTC 1 facts and figures

There are 2745 published JTC 1 standards developed by some 2100 technical experts from around the world. Please go to the JTC 1 information page for the exact number. This page also includes information about scope, membership, published standards, work programme, business plans, committee structure and meetings.

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JTC1 mission and principles

JTC 1 mission

Develop, maintain, promote and facilitate IT standards required by global markets meeting business and user requirements concerning:

JTC 1 principles

  1. JTC 1 standards development will be conducted with full attention to a strong business-like approach (e.g., cost effective, short development times, market-oriented results.)
  2. JTC 1 will provide a wide range of quality products and services, within its scope and mission, to cover identified global needs.
  3. The JTC 1 community will actively promote the use of its products and services and the timely implementation of JTC 1 standards within the form of useful products on a worldwide basis.
  4. JTC 1 will ensure that its user needs including multicultural requirements, are fully met, such that its products and services promote international trade.
  5. JTC 1 recognizes the value of the work of other organizations and the contribution they make to international IT standardization and will complement existing and forthcoming JTC 1 programs through other leading edge activity with the objective of providing the best standards worldwide.
  6. JTC 1 will provide a standards development environment which attracts technical experts and users having identified standardization needs.