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ISO/TC 219  - Floor coverings

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Standards and projects under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 219 Secretariat and its SCs

Standard and/or projectStageICSTC
ISO/NP 2551
Machine-made textile floor coverings -- Determination of dimensional changes due to the effects of varied water and heat conditions
10.99ISO/TC 219
ISO/NP 6356
Textile and laminate floor coverings -- Assessment of static electrical propensity -- Walking test
10.99ISO/TC 219
ISO/NP 10361
Textile floor coverings -- Production of changes in appearance by means of Vettermann drum and hexapod tumbler tester
10.99ISO/TC 219
ISO/DIS 10582.2
Resilient floor coverings -- Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor covering -- Specifications
40.60 97.150ISO/TC 219
ISO/PRF 10833
Textile floor coverings -- Determination of resistance to damage at cut edges using the modified Vettermann drum test
50.00 97.150ISO/TC 219
ISO 11378-2:2001/FDAmd 1
50.20 97.150ISO/TC 219
ISO/DIS 11856
Textile floor coverings -- Test methods for the determination of fibre bind using a modified martindale machine
40.60 97.150ISO/TC 219
ISO/NP 13746
Textile floor coverings -- Guidelines for installation and use on stairs
10.99ISO/TC 219
ISO/DIS 19322.2
Resilient floor coverings -- Specification for floor coverings based on thermoplastic polymers
40.60 97.150ISO/TC 219
ISO/CD 23999
Resilient floor coverings -- Determination of dimensional stability and curling after exposure to heat
30.60 97.150ISO/TC 219
ISO/CD 24342
Resilient and textile floor-coverings -- Determination of side length, edge straightness and squareness of tiles
30.99 97.150ISO/TC 219